Dream to Shine free schooling project

Report #011 APRIL 2024

Reported by Dereje Girma
DTS Project Manager/Teacher
Oromiya, Ethiopia

The “DREAM TO SHINE” project continues to make a positive impact in Akako Village through our different programs. We reach out through special events like the recent Christmas celebration, gifting of educational materials and free tuition to students. Our circumstances remain challenging even as we seek to continue our work here. 

The unplanned demolition of our villagers’ houses has continued, forcing many to flee to further areas for resettlement. Their economic situation tends to worsen as they may need to settle down in more expensive areas and to expend funds for rehousing.

The way for going to Addis from Akako village.
The way for going to Addis from Akako village.

Transportation to school from further locations have become complicated and sometimes unaffordable. The public transport fees have doubled.


Unemployment rates are rampant and cost of livelihood has increased. More and more people are having to live further below the poverty line as a result. Our children suffer as they are either unable to attend school, or need to miss classes. This affects their education and development. Moreover, the surrounding difficulties facing their parents engenders a sense of hopelessness, and a loss of focus in education and desire to succeed academically. 

 Given all of this, we have developed free tuition class programs for up to 25 students. In what appears to be a desert of opportunities, we hope this offers an oasis of hope for the community. Together with Miss Sayuri, we have commenced a program that provides free classes covering Math, English and Art on the weekend. Our target group are students who are unable to attend school. Even at this early stage, we have seen our children thrive, showing tremendous resilience and hope despite their circumstance of suffering. This is the least we can do to interrupt the cycle of poverty. 

 My personal situation also remains challenging. With the birth of my daughter, I am responsible for providing for my young family. I volunteered to step down from being an employed, paid teacher to allow for other teachers to remain employed, given the limited funds available. I had strong faith and belief in our school’s ideals. However, as a father, I cannot continue to remain unemployed and working on a solely voluntary basis. After deep consideration, factoring in my passion for the school project and the opportunities it affords my community, alongside with the need to provide for my family, I have made the difficult decision to look for employment in the city of Addis Ababa, which is 10km away from Akako Village.

I will continue in my role with the project on a part-time basis, helping to manage the school program on the ground and providing materials as needed. We are very blessed to have found a new teacher who is willing to step in and who has a heart for our students. I will introduce her below:

On a rainy day, The car got stuck in the mud.
On a rainy day, The car got stuck in the mud.

Miss Afrase Abebe

 Miss Afrase has been part of the community and was a volunteer with our program for a year before we decided to hire her. We know and respect her as someone with admirable qualities, and who is of high moral and ethical values. We fully trust that she is able to fulfill our project’s goals. She has worked as a teacher in the government school and in our summer school. She is married to a church pastor and has two young children who have attended our summer school. We know that she is deeply and personally vested in improving the education for the children within our community. She currently teaches over 20 students during the weekend. She also actively participates in various church ministries. For this and many reasons, she is very qualified to step into this new role. 

Miss Afrase Abebe(Right side on the pic) and her family.
Miss Afrase Abebe(Right side on the pic) and her family.

We continue to soldier on and trust that God continues to provide for the work in our community. We remain grateful to our partners and donors for their contributions. Your trust, prayers, support and gifts deeply encourage us and make a big difference to the lives of our children here. As we sow into the lives of our children, we sow into the future of our world. Our dream for a brighter world starts with helping our children realize their dreams to shine. May God bless you. 


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