Dream to Shine free schooling project

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Project Summary page here

Report #004 March 2023


Reported by Dereje Girma
DTS Project Manager/Teacher
Oromiya, Ethiopia

Our project is reaching a major milestone, coming to its second anniversary since its establishment. (And the main school is coming to first anniversary.) The school has been a huge blessing for the students in our community who have struggled to access quality education. Our project has played a big role in creating awareness in many parents and students of the importance of education. We have also continued supporting the students materially by providing additional academic classes.

Our project also inspires many students to uncover their talents during art classes. 

  • Our project has played a big role since its establishment on creating awareness to many parents and students on the importance of educating one’s child.
  • It’s not only a psychological effect we have brought in the society, but have been there on supporting the students practically by providing them additional and supportive academic classes.
  • Our project also inspires many students to find out their talents during the art class we provide.
  • We are able to change how students spend their time after they come back home from school. They used to waste their time in different unnecessary places and activities. Even their chance of being exposed to some addiction is highly limited since they start spending time in this after-school free teaching class.

The importance of additional budget

 The DTS project has been fruitful in many ways. It has brought change and positive influence to the students in Akako village. It’s no secret that we struggled due to a shortage of budget. The budget shortages necessitated one person to shoulder most of the responsibilities and burdens at that time.


We are grateful to our leader and supporters of this project who were able to understand the situation we were in and gave us an additional budget to continue the project. The increased budget has enabled us to add two staff members (one teacher and one cleaner).


We are also now able to group students more appropriately based on age. All the students regardless of age were taught in one classroom before this; which was a significant challenge.


As of now our project has grown to being able to accommodate about forty (40) children at a time. In fact, we have only 20+ students at the moment due to this being the regular school season. As a result of our commitment and perseverance, our project is gaining trust from the community. Besides after-school classes we also aim to build a good relationship with the community. Our close relationships with the local community have helped foster trust.

My relation with students

Since the village I live in is not big, it is easy to know and be known by the community. I have become well-known in this village due to our work. I have built a healthy relationship with people of different ages. Participating in local community development activities and in different social aspects of the community has given me an opportunity to nurture ongoing relationships. I even take on leadership responsibilities in some traditional socio-economic institutions and churches. 


 I also spend time with local youths. I join them in playing some indoor and outdoor games and sports which is another way of building relationships with the people in the community.

 I am working in a kindergarten school. I especially love working with children. I have a great connection with them and enjoy their company.


In our project, we work with children and youths of different ages. I have built great relationships with them before and during the DTS project. They are like little brothers to me. I take care of them whenever they are around me and play with them. I play my role as their teacher only in the classroom. Outside the classroom they are little brothers and friends.

For the smaller ones I buy them candy and biscuits as a reward to create motivation to come to the project. In response, they show me great love and respect. Whenever they see me, they would come to me to say hello even if they are far away. The love and respect they show me gives me energy to keep going. They always talk to me about their dreams and wishes.  We have fun times together to free their minds and to make the lessons as enjoyable as possible. They bring some questions to us from their normal school lessons during exam season to get more detailed explanations on some subjects.

 It’s always my wish to see these children grow in their education. I always strive to give them the best I can to transform their lives for a better future.


You are welcome to contribute or be a participant.


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