Dream to Shine free schooling project

Report #007 Date:July 1 – September 30,2023

A “Special” Summer School

Reported by Dereje Girma
DTS Project Manager/Teacher
Oromiya, Ethiopia

Thank you so much for the support to all donors!

 This summer’s program was rather special. We organized the teaching of different subjects and skills to improve on the current  Dream To Shine (DTS) curricula for our students of Akako village. Our program this year was very special because our founder Miss Sayuri Yumoto was able to join us and participate in teaching our students for two months.


We welcomed our founder of the project in early July; and received teaching materials; especially, art teaching materials from Japanese donors. The materials were of great quality that inspired our teachers and students. These materials helped improve the material quality of education in the school. We want to say a BIG thank you for the support we received from all donors. 

We had initially planned for 40 students from Grades 1 to 6 for this summer program. We assumed that many children would find it difficult to attend school daily during the current rainy season. However, it was not long before the parents of younger children asked for their children to be included. Moreover, there was a much larger number of students from Grades 1 to 6 than we had anticipated. It was challenging as we had only budgeted for 40 students; however we did not want to turn down other students. 

After much discussion, we decided to welcome kindergarten students and hire another teacher. This was a difficult decision due to shortage of budget and materials. In total, 110 students attended this summer school special program. We had three sections for the students according to their grade level, with section A for students of Grades 4-6, B for students of Grades 1-3 and C for kindergarten students. The number of students in sections A, B and C was 30, 40 and 40 respectively.

 We taught different, diverse skills to our students - to cultivate critical and creative thinking through art. Many students improved during this time. Other students discovered hidden talents, especially during the art classes. Parents were grateful for this opportunity as usually students would not have such a program to attend outside their usual school. 


  Despite the challenges navigating huge student numbers with limited resources and teachers, everyone was filled with joy and worked hard. 

What is New during this summer special program?

This summer program is different from the other summer programs in many ways.

  • We received the most amount of support in the form of teaching and learning materials from our generous donors that increased our capacity.
  •  It is also the time we met new people who came to see our project from Japan and other country. Seeing people standing there to help us more really inspire us to keep working hard
  • We met new people who visited the project from Japan and other countries.
  • It’s the first time we have ever worked with five teachers and 110 students.
  • It is the first time that our founder stayed for this long (two months) with us, which was really meaningful and motivated both teachers and students. 

Movie time

 We scheduled movie time once a week. We wanted our students to not just study, but to be able to have fun and relax especially after a long year of academia. The movie was screened by our teachers before being made available to the students. This was to ensure the quality and appropriateness of its content, and its role in educating students. 

Training for parents

In this summer program, we also arranged training for parents in the community, believing that  parents have a huge influence on students’ physical well-being. We have recognized some problems and challenges faced by parents raising their children. Some problems relate to lack of understanding and others arise due to cultural practices. We arranged interactive teaching sessions on nutrition, sanitation and family planning.


It was a lively, fruitful session well attended and participated by mothers. Some mothers were able to challenge the normalized but harmful cultural beliefs related to family planning. Many mothers were keen to have more of such sessions in the future. 

   This year’s summer program was one in which we all worked hard to benefit as many as possible in our community for positive change. We believe in continuing to develop our program in this community as much as God wills, and with the support we receive from our kind donors. 


   Once again, I want to show my biggest appreciation to all our donors for their kind hearts that trusted us and gave us an opportunity to do good work for our community. I would warmly welcome you to come and visit our project and witness the impact your support is bringing to Akako village.


You are welcome to contribute or be a participant.


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